Episode 3

Published on:

28th Oct 2021

Singing to yourself and finding your voice, featuring Angela Chou

Today I'm joined by VC, singer, and DJ Angela Chou. We discuss the psychology of language, the power of music, and the path to embracing your identity. Find our full conversation here: https://ampersand-mag.com/angela-chou

Chapter Topics:

  • (00:55) - Childhood & early life
  • (06:58) - Relationship with language
  • (10:44) - College majors
  • (13:37) - Starting her career
  • (16:10) - Moving to London
  • (20:49) - Love of music
  • (29:00) - Career transitions and journey
  • (35:42) - Wrapping up
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Multi-hyphenates and their stories
Welcome to ampersound, a podcast by the team at Visualist.

ampersound features snippets from our interactive digital magazine, ampersand.

These are the multi-hyphenates who have captivated our minds with their side hustles, passion projects, and ever-evolving identities.

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