Episode 2

Published on:

28th Oct 2021

Bread obsessions and going viral, featuring Laura Gao

Today I'm chatting with artist, writer, and bread-lover Laura Gao. We talk about straddling different worlds, finding your voice, and where to find the best bread in San Francisco. Find our full conversation here: https://ampersand-mag.com/laura-gao

Chapter Topics:

  • (00:58) - Introduction + bread obsession
  • (02:22) - Early life + Growing up
  • (04:30) - Early love of art
  • (06:44) - Choosing a college major
  • (10:07) - Going viral (the first time)
  • (11:24) - Working at Twitter
  • (14:24) - Comic publishing journey
  • (18:37) - Going into art full-time
  • (27:36) - Being vulnerable on social media
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