Episode 4

Published on:

28th Oct 2021

The escape ladder and the front door, featuring Mona Arshi

Today I'm talking to poet, novelist, professor, and human rights lawyer, Mona Arshi. We talk about hunting down a poem, tricking yourself, and capturing beauty. Find our full conversation here: https://ampersand-mag.com/mona-arshi

  • (01:00) - Early life + growing up
  • (05:23) - Working in human rights
  • (10:54) - Translating the world to poetry
  • (16:37) - Discovering poetry
  • (19:20) - Getting a degree in poetry
  • (24:29) - Poetic voice
  • (26:31) - Routines and creative rituals
  • (29:50) - Poetry vs prose
  • (33:47) - Law vs poetry
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